Master’s in Nonprofit Management

Lead Where God Leads

Gain the management skills you need to excel in a leadership position in the nonprofit sector. Each course in the program seeks to integrate theory and practice in ways that will help you lead and serve in a dynamic and diverse workplace. All courses are taught from a Christian worldview perspective that embraces strong moral character as essential in building an effective and ethical mission-driven nonprofit organization. 

Example Courses

MGT 501 Foundations of Leadership

Learn current leadership theory and how theory influences practice. Gain insight into your own leadership behavior and what skills will help you become a leader that inspires others.  


NPM 511 Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Discover the ways personality, gender, culture, and technology impact interpersonal communication. This course will also provide training in basic mental health triage and strategies to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict.  

NPM 512 Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Learn the principles and practices required to lead and manage an ethical and effective nonprofit organization. This course will also cover legal issues that govern the nonprofit sector. 

Course Description

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Course Layout

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Program Outcomes

Graduates of the M.A. in Nonprofit Management program will be able to: 

Apply effective management and leadership principles in leading a successful nonprofit organization.

Employ effective interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills when interacting with others. 

Describe how their Christian worldview influences their approach to leading an organization.

Build and lead diverse groups of teams that can accomplish organizational goals. 

Implement and follow appropriate financial, legal, and ethical policies and practices that are typical for nonprofit organizations. 

Understand the functions, processes, and strategies that are essential to leading and growing a nonprofit organization.

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